Veil of depth
Zehui Xu
April 18 – May 27 2023
Triangle Gallery is pleased to announce Veil of Depth, the first personal exhibition of paintings by Zehui Xu (b.1998 in Weihai, China. Lives and works in Venice, Italy).

Opening reception April 18 at 19:00. Through May 27, 2023.

Zehui Xu's paintings are like portals to the world of dreams and memories. The artist immerses us in this unsteady dimension with painting techniques. At first glance, her paintings seem almost monochrome - they are executed in shades of one color with rare contrasting flashes. As if images emerge from the depths of a fluid dream and will soon dissolve into it again. We are carried away by swimming along those rivers - fantasies, dreams, memory - and soon wash up on the shore of the childhood. Probably, all imaginary channels lead to this quiet harbor, where everything is still ahead of us and everything is possible.

Smoky palette, rare ghostly figures in the spirit of Puvis de Chavannes and French Symbolists, animated objects. Zehui Xu's work suggests more of a reversed, inner vision, that any of us can connect to.

Xu's compositions are interiors reminiscent of children's rooms. Often in the center of them is a crib or playpen, which has grown into an enormous bed to shelter a grown up, but still vulnerable hero. The blue tone of the paintings is like an aerial perspective exponentiated, because the images are separated from us not by kilometers, but by years and epochs. Modern painting, no longer obliged to reflect reality, finds itself in a new, special role. Its element is the line in between - between dream and reality, familiar and unknown, real and impossible. Between nostalgia and obsession. We, the audience, are free to choose the shades of perception. To dive head first or watch from the shore.

Alexander Merekin