Pavel Grishin
March 1 – May 21 2022
Triangle Gallery is pleased to announce "Seance", the personal exhibition of paintings by Pavel Grishin (b.1978, lives and works in Moscow). Graduated from Moscow State Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts (mural art) and Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art.
Opening reception March 1 at 19:00. Through April 9, 2022.

Painting takes time. Not only to be made, but also to be perceived, felt through. At the same time, painting is not about time at all. It is important to completely lose track of time in order to be able to find something in painting that one was not even expected to be engaged with. Each picture is a seance of connection with the unprecedented, unexpected, long forgotten, other and oneself. The less we expect from this meeting, the less we are ready for it, the deeper and more valuable our experience will be.

Passing through the medium of painting, the external manifestations of visible objects and events change and deform in a bizarre way, according to the subjective will of the author. Through this "dissimilarity" and various kinds of uncertainties reality emerges even clearly no matter whether it is the uncertainty of the figuration or the ambiguity of the depicted situations. That very reality, which has become so difficult to sense since our perception got acquainted with other technologies, that are able to register the world around us, with greater accuracy and faster than the painter's hand can do.

Photo references that I accidentally have found in my Instagram feed always serve as the initial point for starting any of my work. Most often they are divided into three categories: figures, spaces and color impressions. Using several screenshots that have been found this way, I create a graphic collage, part of which, or the entire image can later become either a sculpture or a pictorial object, or remain in the shape of a graphic artwork. I like to call this method "Digital Plein Air". Thus, everything I do is dictated by the coincidence of the emergence of these images on the Internet, my momentary mood and the topic I am working with.

Combining digital remains in a solid image, decomposing and deforming them with the help of a graphic medium, I end up with a non-existent event, which stands far beyond usual cause-and-effect relationships. By immersing the result within the space of the painterly experience and transforming it, I recreate an alternative variation of reality on its basis. I invite viewers to stay alone with the accomplished "pictorial fact", which is open to individual interpretations and unconditioned emotional interactions.

Pavel Grishin