Ksiusha Poslushai
«Echo of the Fox»
April 16 — May 25 2019

Triangle Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of street artist Ksyusha Poslushai Echo of a Fox. The exhibition consists of wall images, paintings, graphics, and small objects that recreate and reference the images and plots that have appeared and disappeared in different urban locations over the past few years.
The head of a fox found here and there around Moscow neighbourhoods is familiar to many. It's an arrow, a mark, a logo and also a fictional character which shares the experience of reclaiming the urban space with the artist.
The folk image of the Fox is ambivalent: we see the fox as attractive and enchanting and at the same time treacherous and evil. Ksyusha Poslushai's Fox is shown to us from a different perspective. The Fox marks the spaces to feel more confident in "the woods", to preserve the proof of its own existence.
The Fox as the artist's alter ego helps the author to explore the urban tissue, to observe it and interact with the vast unpredictable environment. The Fox as a mark in the urban space disappears like a footprint in the snow: painted over by communal services or other graffiti and tags. Poslushai reacts differently: she can double in her tracks or get distracted, or be inspired by this game and engage in an adventure continuing to leave traces on top of the painted over surfaces and draw her own endless cartoon in the city.

About the artist:

Ksyusha Poslushai (born 1986) is a street artist, designer, graphic artist. Lives and works in Moscow. Graduated from the Higher Academic School of Graphic Design (HASGD).
Studied under the supervision of Boris Trofimov, Andrey Logvin, graduated from the Drawing department led by Mikhail Sorkin.
Creates street art since 2014.
Took part in creating an interactive installation "Non-Children's Playground" in the style of "ZhEK-art" (Housing and Utilities Management) at the Museum of Street Art in St. Petersburg (2016), participated in the annual exhibition devoted to the Revolution, Museum of Street Art (2017), as well as in a one-day illegal street art exhibition KUROK (2016).
Solo exhibitions at the DOC Theater (2015) and in Lisitsa Bar (2017).
Works held in private collections