Evgeny Dedov
March 6 — April 13 2019

∆ Triangle Gallery is pleased to present for the first time the personal exhibition of the artist Evgeny Dedov, titled 'Companion'.

The exhibition will include both new works in which the artist continues his research on the multifaceted aspects of painting, as well as several drawings of previous years, which illustrate the initial stage of the research.

A fragment of a bed blanket covering the body is painted in a somewhat realistic manner. The portraits of anonymous models on coloured canvases can be regarded as sketches or design drawings. They seem as if they are diligent daily exercises in drawing, almost a manic study of the face and head of the model.

The folds of the blanket seduce with their obsessive repeatable structure and flirt with their own form, creating a strange, broken landscape like that of an island. In any case, the observer is left only to look at the paintings without any specific or familiar features. He or she has to step away from the usual and predictable image which can create a nice decor, entice you and comfort you. Dedov's works create a different experience: they appear fragmented to the observer, they don't form a holistic image and almost deliberately disappear from view and from the visitor's mind which tries to find some logic, gather everything together and explain it.

"The Companion is a person or people whom I have been sketching for a long time but I have never been close to them. Without them there would be no drawing and, as a result, no art. All drawings are always from life made at the Academy in Vienna or elsewhere as a studio process. As a result, the source of these works is always the person or rather the body. The body is like a companion. At the same time, it's always something abstract. What remains a mystery is whose portraits are these and what are these allusions," says the artist, "I am interested in how the most familiar things can be imposed on us and what can be done with such invasiveness. The depiction of our body is still one of the most obsessive problems for the image."

The exhibition organises a number of disassembled images, simulating their connection with each other and defeats, breaks the usual settings for interaction with the image. In his works, he doesn't refer to the real experience of looking and perceiving but to a hallucination and dreaming. Dedov creates a language of painting, different from how it is defined, therefore demonstrating his indifference to the prevailing preconceptions about the artistic image.

Evgeny Dedov was born on the 9th January 1987 in Leningrad. He graduated from the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design. He is currently a student of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Dedov debuted his work with a solo exhibition at the Winzavod CCA 'START' platform of young art. The artist's work has been exhibited at Gallery Globus and at the Sergei Kuryokhin Centre for Contemporary Art in Saint Petersburg, and at Pechersky Gallery and GMG Gallery in Moscow. Dedov participated at the parallel programme of Manifesta 10 and at the 4th Moscow Biennale.