Group show
«New gaiety»
December 4 2018 — January 12 2019

Alina Glazoun, Ivan Gorshkov, Evgeny Kukoverov, Elikuka, Kirill Lebedev (Kto), Valery Chtak, Sergey Rozhin, Evgeny Granilshchikov, Liudmila Konstantinova, Georgy Ostretsov, Tatyana Budyak, Ivan Simonov
The «New Gaiety" group show in Triangle Gallery isn't about a serious demeanour and deep thoughts. That is why instead of a descriptive text we decided to share several jokes about our artists and bring a bit of comedy to all admirers of art.

Alina Glazoun acts as if she's 12. If you translate the age of her cats into human years, then they are old enough to be her parents. This explains everything. The Elikuka group will gift us with yet another quirky masterpiece. And, by the way, a pun is the highest form of humour. The exhibition will also present Zhenya Kukoverov's solo work where he works for two.
Sergey Rozhin is a feminist - and it's not a joke.
If you want something a bit more serious then the gallery's collection always has works by famous artists Chto and Tak. One cuts out holes in words and the other pastes some meaning into them.
Tatiana Budiak's works give the audience an opportunity to meet their totem animal or even find their astrological sign fit to anyone's liking - a desert butterfly, a sheep or a snail even.
The Better Life by Ivan Simonov brings financial prosperity to one who sells it. Ivan Gorshkov will make you regret about throwing out colour markers when your child said he wanted to be a contemporary artist. It could've turned out!
Everybody wants Evgeniy Granilshikov. He is like a tightrope between fans of his works.
Liudmila Konstantinova and Georgy Ostretsov round up the star collective - when too much is even better and you can add some more.

That's it!
Make a wish, give presents and see you in the New Year!

Alexandr Zhuravlev