Liudmila Konstantinova
June 5 — July 27 2018

∆ Triangle Gallery is pleased to announce the second personal exhibition by Liudmila Konstantinova, (born in 1980, lives and works in Moscow)..
This time, the artist is exploring the question of pleasure, including the pleasure of visual arts. Do those with a wealth of cultural experience simply enjoy new works of art, or do they unconsciously try to find connections between the new works and old art, thereby killing the simple pleasure of enjoyment? Is it better to forget things easily so as to enjoy the art again and again? Why cannot the artist dust his or her works with glitter without fearing this would be seen as cheap? It may be cheap, but typing a text is hardly more expensive either, yet reading it can give you real pleasure, can't it? Liudmila Konstantinova has created an unexpected combination of her previous works, all of which offer an ironic view on different periods in the history of the arts and come together to form a life affirming composition under the motto, Down with shame!

Liudmila Konstantinova studied industrial architecture at the Moscow Architectural Institute. Also studied at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). For a long time was working for different magazines as an illustrator. From 2010 she is a
memberof the "VGLAZ" (in the eye) art society. Works are in the collection of the Tretyakov gallery (Moscow), Saatchi gallery (London) as well as in private collections.

Seletcted exhibitions:
2018 TEXTile, «new wing of the Gogol house» museum, Moscow.
2017 Peter Bruegel. The world turned upside down. Multimedia show. Artplay design center, Moscow.
2016 No ambitions, personal show, Erarta Museum, St-Petersbourg.
Hello reality, personal show, MMOMA, Moscow
2015 This is not abstraction, personal show, Triangle gallery, Moscow.
Enlightenment, 6th Moscow Bienniale of contemporary art, Cybercube, Skolkovo, Moscow. Pink box, Erarta Museum, St-Petersbourg. Liberation continued, Graz Museum, Graz.
2014 Vglaz metamorphosis, Pechersky gallery, Moscow.
2013 The VGLAZ society- Sunny side of the Lenin street. TM project gallery, Geneve.
Parts of the whole, 5th Moscow Bienniale of contemporary art, CCA Winzavod, Moscow.
2012 Gaiety is the most Outstanding Feature of the Soviet Union, Saatchi Gallery, London.
2011 Russian Landscape, Guelman Gallery, Moscow. Races, 4th Moscow Bienniale of contemporary art, ArtSquatForum, Moscow.
2010 Moscow in a suitcase, Les salaisons, Paris.
2008 Fast Art 24, CCA Winzavod, Moscow.
2005 Russian Pop-Art, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.