Joffe vs. Chtak
«The other way around»
January 23 – February 28 2018

∆ Triangle Gallery is pleased to announce the first two person exhibition by Valery Chtak and Alisa Yoffe "Yoffe vs. Chtak: The other way around" ( Chtak Moscow in 1981, lives and works in Moscow, Yoffe b. in 1987 г. In Tashkent, lives and works in Moscow.)

"Me and Alisa, have often been told that our works are similar, but we think it is quite the opposite", - Valery Chtak asserts. Indeed, besides of a purely formal colouristic similarity, there are very few thematic or ideological common points in the artworks of these artists. The exhibition will feature new paintings by both authors. As a part of an artistic project, the Moscow folk ensemble "Vanya" will perform at the opening. The performance starts at 20:00.

Alisa Yoffe studied contemporary art at MMOMA School of Contemporary Art, The Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow (ICA Moscow) and attended Anatoly Osmolovsky's lecture course in 2008. Alisa had a number of personal exhibitions in Russia and participated in several international group shows such as Lost in Translation — the Collateral Event of the 55th International Venice Biennale, in 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art and in 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art. In her art, Yoffe moves from conceptualism to pure painting using punk aesthetics and transavantgarde images as a basis for her works.

Valery Chtak is represented by Triangle Gallery since 2015 and this is his fifth exhibition in the gallery.