Andrey Anro
September 12 — October 20 2017
∆ Triangle Gallery is proud to announce the new perosnal exhibition by Andrey Anro "Screenshot" ( Born 1987, lives and works in Smorgon (Belarus)

The artist poses a question: What remains of the scene, the movie, the inflow of visuals that the viewer encounters every day? Where are the key points forming memories, a reaction, immersing you into your inner world? In his exploration, Anro takes screenshots from documentary chronicles, capturing the moment he wants to immerse himself in, to retain the elusive moment and transfer it to infinity (like the artist's works depicting the movement of the Kennedy convoy and the reaction of the crowd accompanying him on the day of the murder, the execution of Saddam Hussein, etc.)
Some of the work was done by photographing movie frames on a mobile phone. As a result, these poor, long-exposure photographs became the basis for his paintings.
A frequent reference to power as a foundation is a unique feature in Anro's work. It creates rules (people in politics, meetings, negotiating table, a portrait of a dictator) and a violation of these rules (the "Robber" series is created based on the scenes of the robberies from the security cameras in American supermarkets seen in the Wanted section of the FBR website).