Ivan Tuzov
June 27 — July 30 2017

∆ Triangle Gallery is pleased to announce the first personal exhibition "Layers: The Reverse Side of Pixels" by Ivan Tuzov (born in Leningrad in 1984, lives and works in Saint Petersburg ). On display until July, 30.

The personal project Ivan Tuzov presented in the Triangle gallery paints him in a different light, representing his new qualities. Instead of bright, pixel world history and pop industry characters, he shows blurry dark silhouettes of strangers; instead of computer graphics and mosaics, he choses pen graphics on a back side of a canvas.

Despotović's research, which pays particular attention to the definition and representation of the concept of identity, only apparently saves these images from the oblivion of time: covered and altered with painting they acquire an indefinite and outdated character which takes them back to a remote past.

In a new series of works Ivan represents not only the other side of his art, but also the reverse side of a quiet life. The main point of these works is an explosion as the instant phenomenon, designed to make irreparable changes within extremely short time. At the same time, the visualization of explosions distinctly reminds of natural forms like trees, mushrooms. The artist explores the dualism of these images and the concept in general.

The world in Ivan's works is imaginary, even better – virtual, similar to the world of computer games. An aggressive environment like in «Adventure» games reminds of a real district in St. Petersburg where the artist has lived for many years. There are plenty of stereotypes and horrible half-truths surrounding this place. Dark silhouettes blurred "in smoke" are strangers occurring in the path of the lyrical hero. It is unknown what can be expected of them. Silhouettes are turning black, merging with the environment. The artist creates one single dark space where an eye emphasizes separate spots, as if you were moving on the night streets of commuter belt.

The explosion in Ivan's graphics calls back to Italian futurism (not the Russian one), which has been closely connected to fascism. Futurist artists glorified through their art any changes and technical innovations transforming people's lives out of all recognition. They encouraged destruction and fast-moving transformations in order to actualize everything that was happening and as a way of keeping themselves up-to-date.

It is meaningful that all of Ivan's sketches are inside the limits of a canvas-stretcher. It reflects artist's thoughts on personal and state borders. For example, overstepping the established borders of the state, the person enters and leaves a space of safety. Explosion is a symbol of a growing and uncontrolled information field that has a strange ability to disappear and appear depending on where the person is. Wars and aggression don't stop. The only thing you can do is move to a safe, comfortable place without any conflicts. The computer screen which is symbolically similar to a reverse side of a canvas, can immerse and cut us off from the reality wherever and whenever we want it. According to Marshall McLuhan theory, never-ending mythologization of all that's happening when nobody knows who is right or who is wrong, who is executioner or who is victim, proves that we are not merely looking at the computer screen or TV - we are the screen. The screen with the most important message.

Ivan Tuzov was born in April 16, 1984 in Leningrad, URSS
Education: 2003-2009 - Russian
State Pedagogical University, faculty: "Fine Art", St. Petersburg.
The main solo exhibitions 2016
"Love", Dukley Art Community, Montenegro, Kotor.
2015 "Montenegrin Botes", Dukley Art Community, Montenegro, Kotor.
2015 "Razvirt / Remake", Marina Gisich Gallery, St. Petersburg.
2014 "Razvirt", "Cultural Alliance. Project of Marat Guelman ", Moscow, Russia.
2014 «Pixel Hero», Electromuseum, Moscow, Russia.