Valery Chtak
«C - Alphabet»
March 2 — April 29 2017

Triangle Gallery is proud to announce the new perosnal exhibition by Valery Chtak "The C - Alphabet".

"Just like last time, I decided not to write a text for the exhibition, but instead to write a letter to my brother Anton Malkin.

And just like last time it seemed rather boring to me to write just a letter, so I decided to write a story."

A story about Black Cauldrons

Black Cauldrons is the name of a village in the X region. As is often the case, nobody remembers what the name of village means. Or rather, they all remembered, but the story is so boring that there's no use in telling parts of it or even the whole thing. It's easier to say that nobody remembered the meaning and origin of the name.

No resident of Black Cauldrons would want to tell a story about the village and its inhabitants, so we can only sigh and say that the most unusual thing in this village was the coat of arms. It had a lion on it, which of course had nothing to do with the X region, standing on its hind legs and holding an axe in its front right paw and a gear wheel in the left one. The letters S and T appear to the left and right of the lion's head. And unlike the origin of the Black Cauldrons name, no one knew what the mysterious letters meant. How could a coat of arms with such unexplained irregularities officially exist during the Soviet times?

However, the coat of arms existed quite well in the middle of nowhere, never to be corrected and systematically printed on posters once a year, on the day which was said to be the founding day of the village.

As with many riddles and unsolved puzzles of history, many ethnographic studies were written about this irregularity, one more silly than the other. And like with many riddles in history, a lot of fantastic stories began to go around, based on superstitions and half-forgotten pagan beliefs - -

- - it suddenly became quite impossible for me to write this story further, so I'll just tell you Anton, if you ever see the letter G with the word Trees corresponding to it, don't try to understand it right away, but don't quickly dismiss it either. Just try to remember this when exclaiming "Aahhhh, yeah". That's all. After all, both the story and the exhibition are about time.

your brother, I. Malkin

Special contribution to the exhibition: Nikolay Evdokimov, Anna Kuzovleva and Roman Denisov

Valery Chtak (born 1981, lives and works in Moscow) is one of the most popular Moscow artists. As for the Artguide Russia 2016 research, he is in the top ten of the most influential contemporary Russian artists with Ilya Kabakov, Evgeny Antufiev and Pavel Pepperstein among others. This is his third personal exhibition with the Gallery.