Gosha Ostretsov
«I've been abducted hundreds of times»
January 28 —February 28 2016

Triangle Gallery is pleased to announce a new solo exhibition of Georgy Ostretsov (born 1967, lives and works in Moscow).

"The knowledge I acquired on board the aliens' spacecraft, which I scrutinized during my abduction, provides invaluable information about the initial forms of protoculture that we inherited from the outside. There are huge obelisks that contain information about events on Earth and about the alien origin of life all over the planet. These cyclopean sculptures are still standing in many parts of the world. In this project you can see several reduced copies of these obelisks, the reproductions of protocultural artefacts which I've seen in the aliens' world. They also let me see the future, which is an unimaginable chimera and a combination of diverse possibilities: EMP and biological weapons, new ways to edit the DNA, the ghostlike fiery cities, an all-absorbing smart biomass, the temples of fate, and the trip to the inner self (the non-aging baby)," says Georgy Ostretsov, who has produced a new series of paintings, graphic works and objects for this exhibition.

Georgy Ostretsov is the author of "New Government" (NG), one of the most long-term projects in contemporary Russian art and an artistic anti-utopia that paradoxically predicted many political processes in contemporary Russia. This time, Ostretsov offers us a frightening futuristic picture of the collapse and transformation of human culture.

"I'm sure the current period of human civilization will become diluted amid cosmic stagnation. Modern culture is too weak to impress the Universe with its alleged achievements, unlike the ancient times, when Moses lifted his staff to part the waters of the Red Sea," Ostretsov says.

In this new project, the artist turns his attention to timeless things and the search for the transcendental origin in the discourse of contemporary art. But the bitter eschatological tone, dirty grey colors and brutal dynamics of the majority of works in this collection convey the impression that this is not an abstract ironic deliberation about contemporary culture against the backdrop of eternity, but rather a deep reaction to the global historical process that we are witnessing.

- Heavy Patients, Rabouan Mousson Gallery
- Apocalypse, Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow
- Banality and Eternity', Triumph Gallery
- The Adventures of Robin Hood, Paradise Row, London
- Dead Souls, Triumph Gallery
- Lawlessness. Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow
- Vandals and Generals of the New Government. Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow
- New Government one-man exhibition, Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow.
- Visitor one-man exhibition, Marble Palace (Branch of the State Russian Museum), St. Petersburg.

- Enlightenment, 6th Moscow Bienniale of contemporary art, Cybercube, Moscow
- Liberation continued, Graz Museum, Graz.
- Parts of the whole, 5th Moscow Biennial Exhibition of Modern Art, CCA Winzavod, Moscow.
- Gaiety Is The Most Outstanding Feature Of The Soviet Union, Saatchi Gallery, London
- Russian Landscape, Marat & Julia Guelman Gallery, Moscow
- Love for Electricity, TM Project Gallery, Geneve
- Russian Pavilion at 53rd Venice Biennale "Making Worlds"
- Another Mythology, National Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow
- Invasion:Evasion, Baibakov projects, Moscow
- Moscow photo biennial. Moscow museum of contemporary art, Moscow
- Domestic Appliances, Flowers East, London
- Laughterlife, Paradise Row, London
- 2nd Moscow Biennial of Modern Art, «Sots-Art», Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
- Cinemarathon curator project, Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow.
- «Russia-2,» Central House of Artists, Moscow.
- 1st Moscow Biennial of Modern Art, «Gender Passions,» Museum of Modern Art, Moscow.
- Controlled Democracy. White Space Gallery. London.
- «Moscow-Warsaw,» Modern Art Center, Ujazd Castle,Warsaw.
- New Countdown: Digital Russia with Sony.
- The New Government Against Global Net. The Central House of Artists, Moscow