Sasha Kurmaz
«Vain Youth»
March 31—April 30

The Gallery Triangle is pleased to present its first solo exhibition by the young Ukrainian artist Sasha Kurmaz ( b.1986, lives and works in Kiev). This is a long-term project, a series of photographs that has been started by the artist in 2011 and it is still in progress. In the gallery will be shown an installation of shots, selected specifically for this occasion. Kurmaz pinpoints precise episodes from his personal life, mapping both the material world and ephemeral events through his image streams. In the process, he pushes at the boundaries between society and the individual, questioning how such affiliations are expressed. While fully capable of operating autonomously, his photographs take on new connotations and narrative continuity within the artist's combinations and sequences; each image appears as a continuation of the previous one, building into a larger whole the way a house is built of single bricks, or a book from pages. The artist's primary objective is to uncover the process through which identity is formed, and social connections and relationships are forged between the younger generations in post-Soviet society.

This exhibition of a young Ukrainian photographer in Moscow is of particular importance in nowaday unstable political relations between Ukraine and Russia.

Sasha Kurmaz has been showing extensively in Ukraina, Russia and Europe. Among the most significant events in his career there is his participation at Pinchuk Art Center Prize exhibition in 2013, when he was selected as a finalist. In 2015 he wins a prestigious ARTE Creative Award in Dusseldorf, Germany.