Group show
Opening February 24 at 19:00

On February 24, the Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art welcomes its newest addition, Triangle.

The gallery will launch with a group exhibition named, quite modestly, "Triangle."

Taking a formal symbol – the presence of a triangle in each of the works – as its organizing principle, the exhibition brings together multiple generations and a diverse array of (occasionally an ithetical) media.
Some artists delve into the mystical or metaphysical properties of this geometric figure, others explore its optical effect, while some simply revel in the erotic potential of the shape.

"Triangle" centers around Vyacheslav Koleichuk's (b.1941) Impossible Triangle, which attempts the impossible in three-dimensional space. The works of Leonid Borisov (1943-2013), long a classic of Russian abstraction, understand basic geometry as the foundation of the visual world. Irina Zatulovskaya (b.1954) creates work across a wide span of materials and sources – from the present poetics of how a beloved old song can warm the heart, to a rethinking of classical religious tropes. Steeped in Russian symbolism, Nikolay Ovchinnikov's (b.1958) contribution stands out as the exhibition's most lyrical, while Gosha Ostretsov's (b.1967) sculpture, Russian Genius is its most ironic, capturing the absurdity inherent in the reality around us. Kostya Belyaev (b.1986) offers an iconographic analysis of the given theme, using the triangle as the basis of composition in his paintings. Turning to the triangle in the urban environment, Muriel Russo chronicles the transformation of her surroundings while street artist Pavel Zyumkin (b.1985) offers his spin on the ready-made with his road sign.

"Triangle" also includes works from Vikentin Nikin (b.1971), Vladimir Arkhipov (b.1961), Dmitry Bulnygin (b.1965), Olya Kroitor (b.1986), Kirill Kryuchkov (b.1989), Vladimir Martirosov (b.1975) and Vladimir Stekachev (b.1988)..

The gallery will focus on emerging and mid-career artists from Russia and other countries. In 2015, Triangle will present exhibitions from emerging talents like Sasha Kurmaz (b.1986, Kyiv), Pavel Zyumkin, Kirill Kto (b.1984, Moscow), Valery Chtak (b.1981, Moscow), and Evgeny Kukoverov (b.1984, Moscow.) In addition to its gallery program, Triangle will participate in international art fairs.