Kirill Makarov
-13.690353, 18.834137, 1638391.625000
December 3rd 2019 — January 12th 2020
Triangle Gallery is proud to present "-13.690353, 18.834137, 1638391.625000" , an exhibition of new works by young prominent artist Kiril Makarov (b.1988, lives and works in St. Petersburg).

The exhibition consists of paintings, graphics and prints with the poetry of Ksenia Kononenko, the author of the essay "Place Ta Make An Act Possible", written specially for the show.

One of the most celebrated artists of the new generation in Russia, Kirill Makarov, uses the traditional technique of figurative painting as well he explores such media as ultraviolet print, augmented reality, and a video game.

"Despite the fact that the result of Makarov's artistic explorations is still painting, it is also preceded by practices beyond the classical approach to creating paintings. For a long time, the artist's imagination was occupied by experiments reimagining the cannons of painting. He explored the question of adapting it to the current reality, an era when political and social transformations are in a wandering state," writes Andrei Miziano, curator.

Makarov's experiments lead to his sketches carrying not his lack of knowledge of the human anatomy or the basics of academic drawing, but the principles of computer modelling of the human body. Transferring the graphic images from a flat surface of the canvas or a piece of paper into 3D of a videogame makes the previously dynamic and energetic image dead and lifeless, but still functional and giving more interpretation with motion.

The exhibition «-13.690353, 18.834137,1638391.625000» is devoted to the idea of subjective experience of presence, kinesthetic and non-kinesthetic affection, that a viewer perceives while interaction with a piece and that Makarov is researching not only in painting, but also through a videogame, that is used "as something like a workbench where the composition is being build".

The narratives of his paintings are composed of the photographs, taken during meetings, walks, sudden events, and 3d-objects that were modulated of those photographs, arranged in the videogame and then placed on the canvases. Hence, the videogame stays beyond the frame but turns out to be a metaproject effecting the whole series of works. The cipher in the name of the show is the coordinates of the object, hidden in a secure place outside of of the game's map.