Krasil Makar
September 6 – October 15 2022

Triangle Gallery is pleased to announce "Gravity", a new personal exhibition of paintings by Krasil Makar. This is the artist's third exhibition in the gallery.

Opening reception September 6 at 19:00. Through October 15, 2022.

Bright, colorful works by Krasil Makar ("painted by Makar" in Russian) captures your glance, like they have a special glow that comes from within. The visual effect is followed by an understanding: we face something more than just a delight for the eyes. The artist builds himself on a decorative tradition - crafts of the Ural dyers, who were engaged in painting over village huts and utensils. But Makar takes this tradition into the 21st century, shakes the dust off it and introduces one into the current artistic process.

The key feature of this technique is "mahovoe pis'mo" (roughly a "free stroke painting") - the technique of a complex and precise stroke, reminiscent of a smooth gradient of computer graphics. Here's where the boundary between the present and the past loses its clarity, and contemporary work summarizes diverse experiences of art. Basic colors and isolated shapes against a solid background are reminiscent of pop art and geometric abstraction; the technique of precise gesture is an analogue of the mid-twentieth century "action painting". But the main, immediate association with Makar's works is authentically Russian Suprematism. This is the desire for color as a meaning and the form, rather creating a new reality than describing the one we live in. The figures from Malevich's late "Second Peasant Cycle" seem to be entirely composed of strokes-gradients of "mahovoe pis'mo". They face geometric fields and the blue infinity of the skies. The shapes of Krasil Makar either float in the air, or exist out of space and time.

Paradoxically, both at the break of the avant-garde and in the 21st century, an antique technology helps to create a vision of the future. How easily from a peasant shirt and a rural pattern one's imagination reaches the boundless Space and the laws of the world order.

Alexander Merekin

Thoughts in the field

I dig potatoes in the field, I go deep into the black soil with a shovel. Earth is the best place to explore the sky. Thinking at work is easy and simple. Although many objects in the universe are already familiar to us: galaxies, nebulae, quasars and pulsars - here, in the field, I discover new ones. Space Roots! Many discoveries lie ahead: nettle, thistle, dandelion - all this excites me extremely.

Thoughts on the road
Walking home from the field, sweat dripping on the ground, now I'm thinking about gravity.

At home
At home, she hugs me, and I don't think about anything at all. The flowers on her cotton robe cover the whole world, and the printed pattern becomes my new universe.

Krasil Makar