Frame of the present
Tatiana Bashlakova
May 31 – July 29 2023
Triangle Gallery is pleased to announce Frame of the present, the second personal exhibition of paintings by Tatiana Bashlakova (b.1990 in Moscow, Russia. Lives and works in Moscow, Russia).

Opening reception May 31 at 19:00. Through July 29, 2023.

Probably every era has its most popular and influential genre of art. The Spanish theater of the Golden Age or the big novel in the nineteenth century determined not only aesthetics, but also the perception of the time itself. Nowadays, cinema remains such a genre, its competition is streaming - whether it is the distribution of films on the Internet, YouTube or TikTok. The main principle is the same - moving pictures, which everything has become today: from education and leisure, to communication and remote work.
The picture, once the unit of measurement of art, now seems more like a frozen frame - one of a million that rushes before us every day. But if someone "pressed pause" in this particular place, it might be worth taking a closer look.

Tatyana Bashlakova is engaged in painting with the consciousness of modern media reality. Her compositions are similar to the work of a filmmaker who builds a frame, but also something bigger that stands behind it - a story. We want to develop the scene, imagine it further. Like cinema, Bashlakova's works appeal to the collective unconscious, feelings that resonate in everyone - the artist, with the education of a clinical psychologist, seems to be continuing her research by means of art.

Here is a girl with a suitcase on wheels - a bright spot and a sign of change; a dark red wall in the background - the vicinity of the airport or the inhospitable bulk of the metropolis. Are we seeing a rush departure? Joyful discovery of a new world? In any case, a disturbing uncertainty hangs in the air. The tennis player raised the racket for the decisive blow - win or lose everything. "Freeze Frame" captures the tension and hypnotic choreography of the sport. Painting focuses on the geometry of the ball, bifurcates it and enlarges it to the size of the Sun, ruthless at the zenith.

Tennis - the physical experience of the artist herself - reminds of another common feature with the cinema: through likeness, we, the audience, can join the bodily experience, recognize ourselves in the figure. We try on the tension and loss in space, multiplied by emotions. But we can also feel freedom, because the plot is not completed, the ending is open. Painting serves as a guide, grasping reality and at the same time distorting it, making it malleable for imagination, offering us to be both spectators and creators of our own history.

Alexander Merekin