Jingge Dong
September 12 – December 2 2023
Triangle Gallery is pleased to announce Amalgam, the third solo exhibition of paintings by Jingge Dong (b.1989 in Beijing, China, lives and works in Venice, Italy).

Opening reception September 12 at 19:00. Through December 2, 2023.

As the world becomes more interconnected, the notion of cultural identity grows increasingly intricate and nuanced. The blending of cultures, coupled with immigration, requires individuals to traverse multiple identities while contending with assimilation and integration. Amidst the encroaching forces of globalization and cultural homogenization, individuals are tasked with preserving their sense of self in an ever-evolving environment of diverse cultural experiences.

In essence, my art is an ongoing dialogue between the various aspects of my cultural experiences, an attempt to navigate the multiple identities that coexist within me. I spent many years learning Western painting techniques in China, later, as I studied and lived in Italy, I was surrounded by a Western artistic and cultural atmosphere. My many years of experience abroad have allowed me to better understand and integrate into Western culture. In the crucible of this new context, the subtle yet profound undercurrents of my own Chinese heritage have been more and more perceived, and I gained a deeper understanding and renewed appreciation for the cultural roots that had always been an intrinsic part of me. These experiences have shaped my artistic vision and fueled my desire to explore the complexities of cultural identity.

Our identities are shaped by a myriad of factors, both internal and external, which can be challenging to reconcile. This conundrum prompts the examination of the nature of self and cultural identity in the context of our multifaceted contemporary reality. The seemingly simple question, "Who am I?" is, in reality, a complex and multifaceted inquiry. Within this realm of inquiry, the question arises: what serves as the ultimate reference point for our identity? Is it the individual or the cultural group? Can our sense of self be self-assigned, or is it imposed upon us by external forces? Moreover, is it possible for us to simultaneously hold multiple identities, each reflecting different aspects of our being? My artistic practice, therefore, is a reflection of this ongoing inquiry into the nature of cultural identity within our ever-changing world. How do we define ourselves and our sense of belonging in a world where traditional boundaries are continually being redefined? How do we navigate the complex interplay between the cultural influences that shape us, both consciously and unconsciously? These are the questions that lie at the heart of my work.

I seek to explore these questions by blending the essence of Chinese cultural symbols with Western painting techniques. In doing so, I strive to strike a "right" balance between the two worlds in my work, much like my own journey to find my cultural identity within a diverse and dynamic environment. I remain deeply committed to exploring the interplay between Oriental and Western traditions, as well as the relationship between the figurative and the abstract. I strive to challenge the notions of cultural identity and encourage a dialogue that transcends the boundaries of geography, time, and tradition. Drawing from my diverse experiences and insights, my art serves as a bridge between the East and the West, the traditional and the contemporary, and the individual and the collective. By weaving together the strands of my own cultural heritage with those of the Western world, I create a rich tapestry of colors, textures, and forms that invite the viewer to delve into their own understanding of self and identity.

Jingge Dong