Ilya Ovsyannikov
December 6 2022 – March 4 2023

Triangle Gallery is pleased to announce "Air and light", a new personal exhibition of paintings by Ilya Ovsyannikov (b. 1985, live and work in S.Petersburg, Russia).

Opening reception December 6, 2022 at 19:00. Through March 4, 2023.

Paintings by Ilya Ovsyannikov resemble preparatory works made with shades of one paint. But when you take a closer look, it seems that the opposite is true: we see painting in reverse motion - it sheds colors from itself in order to become lighter and more accurate. Maybe the author "turns down the volume", uses a quiet intonation in a terrible, rumbling times. Or he lets in some fresh air amidst the colorful vinaigrette of most exhibitions. One way or another, Ovsyannikov's restrained palette does not feel like a lack of something or a touch of melancholy. Rather, it feels like a renewal, the tingling freshness of a clear winter morning.
The artist is getting rid of the superfluous and goes straight to the main thing - light and air. He focuses on what is called the "light-air atmosphere" - the landscape dissolves, the light becomes the main subject of painting. These radiant spaces are like dreams and, at the same time, they are real. You can recognize the "frosty smoke" of the St. Petersburg winter landscape. The subway escalator, flooded with light, is either the vision of a sleepy passenger, or Jacob's ladder. And up there, at the end of the tunnel is the light that we need so much these days.

Alexander Merekin