March 3 – April 30 2020
Triangle Gallery is pleased to present "Luscious Berry", a new personal exhibition of Krasil Makar, the artist from Ekaterinburg who is rethinking the Ural-Siberian dyeing craft.

The tradition of dyeing, which is now lost, flourished in 18th and 19th centuries. Ural-Siberian painting on wood, the craft that didn't extend in mass industry, didn't get to large-scale activity in artels and big manufacture, it perpetuated as exclusive handiwork, but eventually was lost entirely.

The artist strategy of Krasil Makar relates to personal account of local tradition that often existed anonymously (or didn't keep the names of artisan), and its core is actualization and adaptation of local art practices. The artist "overdubs" the language of dyeing, appropriates and reinvents specific techniques and technology.

The project is based on unique traditional craft, but the authorial techniques reconstruct and rebuild it within the system of contemporary media. It aims, though, not to reconstruct the craft or even to develop its visual techniques, not to extend the list of mediums. It is essential to create new method of art that may extend the very reception of visual image. It would widen the rigidity of periodization and destabilise dualism between decorative and conceptual art.

The exhibition includes drawings, documentation of street interventions, video and painting on canvas, wood, and found objects.


Krasil Makar (born in 1889, Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha, Sverdlovsk region) – from 1901 till 1939 practices dyeing. Works of this period are not available. In 2017 Krasil moves to Ekaterinburg. Personal exhibitions were held at the Museum of Fine Arts in Ekaterinburg (2020) and in Tobolsk (2019). The artist took part in the 5th Ural Industrial Biennale for Contemporary Art and the Museum Biennale "Negotiators" in Krasnoyarsk (both in 2019). Group exhibitions with his participance took place in museum of contemporary art PERMM (Perm), Museum of Photography "Metenkov House" (Ekaterinburg), Slavtsov museum and NCCA (Ekaterinburg).